Week 2 – Hounds Handouts

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2Colouring Sheet 1Colouring Sheet 1

2Colouring Sheet 2Colouring Sheet 2

2Colouring Sheet 3Colouring Sheet 3

2Colouring Sheet 4Colouring Sheet 4

2Colouring Sheet 5Colouring Sheet 5

2Counting by 10'sCounting by 10’s


2Math (addition & subtraction)Math – Addition & Subtraction

2Math (addition & subtraction) 2Math – Addition & Subtraction 2

2Math (Blank) 1Math – Blank

2Math (Blank) 2Math – Blank 2

2math (Finish the pattern)Math – Finish the Pattern

2Math (fractions to percentage)Math – Fractions to Percentage

2Math (fractions)Math – Fractions

2Math (multiplication)Math – Multiplication

2Spelling & Grammar (blank)Spelling & Grammar – Blank

2Spelling & GrammarSpelling & Grammar


2Word SearchWord Search

Valentines Card