SSM Healthy Kids Chuck-a-Puck


2017-18 dates ARE AVAILALBE NOW
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The “Sault Ste. Marie Healthy Kids Community Challenge” chuck-a-puck is a great opportunity for you and your group to raise extra funds this hockey season.

Groups eligible for Chuck-A-Puck and expectations of these groups are:

• Chuck A Puck is open to not for profit organizations (schools, sports organizations, charities)

• Each group must purchase tickets for people involved in the chuck-a-puck, if you are a season ticket holder then you can use your season tickets.

• 50 tickets are held for each group but they do not need to purchase all 50 tickets you just need enough for all the volunteers and sellers.

• The price of the tickets depend on the number of tickets needed we have a couple different price groups – less than 20 people is regular walk up price, 20-49 people you will receive a group rate of 20, 50+ tickets you will receive a group rate of 50.

• Ticket numbers MUST be confirmed and paid for 2 weeks in advance of the game.

•  The Group is to arrive 1 ½ hours before game time to get ready to sell – so for a 7:07 game groups are to arrive for 5:30 pm

• 500 pucks are available to sell each night

• Pucks are $2.00 and winner gets $100 and then the rest goes to the organization.

• Group will sell pucks prior to the start of the game, during the first intermission for volunteers walking around the arena.  We advise that some volunteers stay at the table in case people who are coming late want to purchase pucks etc.

• At the 10 minute mark of the 2nd period they must be done selling the pucks – give the money to the office administrator to count

• At the 10 minute mark the group heads downstairs to get ready to collect the pucks, a game night staff member will bring the group downstairs.

• All groups MUST have at least 5 adults on the ice with the children (children require helmets when going on the ice)

• All groups MUST have at least 15 people total to sell and collect pucks

• The office administrator will count the money, record, and distribute to winners/group

• One of the game night staff members will pick the winning puck and call the number up to the PA announcer who will announce the winning puck number and have it put up on the video board.