Media Policy

Players/Staff will be available for media interviews up until 90 minutes before game time.
All approved interviews will be conducted in a designated area as assigned by the Soo Greyhounds Hockey Club. (the team’s dressing room is closed during this time)

All live tv/radio interviews are to be approved by the team’s Director of Pubic Relations and requests are to be submitted in writing 24-hours in advance.
Interviews will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis and due to availability and time constraints.

A 10-minute quiet period will be observed after the conclusion of a game.  At that time the team’s dressing room will be opened to the appropriately accredited media.

The media shall have access to view all team practice sessions and day of game skates.  In the event of a team meeting after a practice session, media access shall be allowed following the conclusion of the meeting.
NO member of the media will be permitted access to the bench area’s of the Essar Centre during any practice session.

All interview requests of players/staff on non-gamedays or during the off-season are to be arranged through the Soo Greyhounds office ONLY.
It will not be the practice of our organization to distribute or provide access to any cell phone or billet numbers for any player at anytime. (We respect the privacy of our players and billet families).

Any contact for the purpose of interviews with the players through means other than those outlined in this policy will be against the organization’s policy.

** ALL MEDIA REQUESTS ARE TO BE DIRECTED TO GERRY LISCUMB JR.(Director of Public Relations & Hockey Administration) by e-mail at or phone at 705.574-0087.
All requests will be considered and arranged based on player/staff availability and the club reserves the right to approve or reject such requests at their discretion.
A member of the organization may be present for the duration of any, and all interviews.

Thank-you for you co-operation of the Soo Greyhounds Media Policy.