Affiliate Club – Soo Thunderbirds

Proud Affiliate of the Soo Greyhounds

The Soo Thunderbirds Jr. A Hockey Club is a member of the presitgeous Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, which is a developmental ground for the Ontario Hockey League, as well as for NCAA Division I and NCAA Division III Collegiate Leagues.

The Soo Thunderbirds program is an exciting, intense and highly focused hockey development curriculum. We are fully committed to educating and preparing the Thunderbird players both on and off the ice to maximize their contribution to the team during the season while optimally preparing them to take their hockey and education to higher levels in the future.€

These elite hockey players are to become members of an organization fully committed to the development of its players. These players will showcase their skills in a highly competitive environment that maximizes the most amount of exposure so these skilled athletes can continue their hockey careers at the next level while maintaining their amateur status as defined by NCAA standards.۬

The focus of this full-time development program is to encourage and prepare student-athletes to continue their education and hockey careers through comprehensive training and high-caliber competition on the ice while creating well-rounded individuals off the ice. While providing quality coaching and instruction in hockey, strength and mental conditioning, we recognize the importance and commitment required by our staff to advise, assist, prepare and increase our players’ visibility by showcasing their hockey skills in front of the Ontario Hockey League, as well as the NCAA Collegiate Scouts.€

United in our pursuit of excellence both on and off the ice, our players will be active members and positive role models in the community. This is done by actively involving the players at local events, hospitals, not for profit organizations and charity events. All of this helps the players mature emotionally and socially, realizing the importance of giving back to the community as they develop as young men and outstanding hockey players.

€¨As an organization committed to maintaining a winning Team Environment, the Soo Thunderbirds Jr. €˜A’ Hockey Club is looking forward to developing and preparing their players for playing hockey at the next level.